Some Words About The Notekillers:

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žThat record (The Zipper) was so heavy for me and Kim and Lee÷It was this propulsive guitar instrumental that was just breakneck÷They had a big influence on me÷The music is way ahead of its time.".
ůThurston Moore
from an article by Dan DeLuca
Philadelphia Inquirer
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žAstonishing...While the rhythm section churns furiously, David First peels off a series of scrambled guitar lines, precise even when he's improvising. His diagonal riffs are marvelously untraceable (Surf-rock? New-wave? Heavy metal? Free jazz? Serialism?), and somehow these dense compositions inevitably come out sounding like party music. It's clear this band ranked with any of New York's much celebrated no-wave acts.Ó
ůKelefa Sanneh
New York Times
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"While Thurston MooreŪs advocacy, and the resulting excavation of this brilliant obscurity deeply buried by time, makes for interesting copy, the highlight of this saga is the triumphant punch line: after a good dusting-off, the artifact that was revealed, more than merely intact, emitted a blast of sound unprecedented for a reunion band and unequalled anywhere on the planet."

"These are the first two new songs by The Notekillers in a quarter-century. I have no problem using superlatives when I say that they are one of the best instrumental bands of all time and IŪm thrilled that theyŪre at it again.Ó

ůNew York Night Train
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žThe Zipper is perhaps one of the great rock and roll singles of all time÷Ó
ůDan Buskirk
WPRB-FM (Princeton U)/Rate Your Music

žYou may cheer the noise of the reunited Pixies. But youŪll cry once you hear the Notekillers.Ó
ůA.D. Amorosi
NY Press
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žSonic Youth's Thurston Moore swears that the Notekillers song, "The Zipper" was the inspiration for his band. That should be enough to go on, but if you're leery of reunion acts, let me tell you this: Notekillers are the real deal. Don't miss them.Ó
ůMaria Tessa Sciarrino
Her Jazz/Yaris SXSW 2006 Previews

žAn influence comes home to roost.Ó
ůJon Pareles

"a reunion show at Tonic was so ungodly potent that we're beside ourselves at the chance to see them do it again!"
ůMike Wolf
Time Out New York

žLike the ghosts who haunt the living due to a past misdeed or injustice, the Notekillers are not to be forgotten, and this CD serves as a reminder of what once was and what still might be.ž
ůAdam Strohm
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ž...a harbinger of a new blues or funk that still hasn't been invented. The Notekillers combine a precision that makes them conceptualize "microtones" and a recklessness that makes them try impossible grooves. In other words, this kicks.Ó
ůFrank Kogan
Village Voice
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žHad Thurston Moore not cited these guys as an influence, this collection of odd recordings and live performances never would have emerged. It would've been too bad for me -- too bad for all of us -- if that had been the case.Ó
ůAlex Marx
Splendid E-Zine
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žA high-density instrumental art-punk trio÷with a CD built around their awesome 1980 single The Zipper.Ó
ůDouglas Wolk
Village Voice

žA furious instrumental trio÷loaded with tuneful guitar-bass-drum maelstromsůavant garde spy themes that rock. Killer.Ó
ůTime Out NY

žRumbling, minimalist late-Ž70s Philadelphia trio the Notekillers connected the dots between free jazz and punk long before Sonic Youth and their ilk, and presaged the instrumental indie-rock scene by a good decade or so.
ůAmy Phillips
Village Voice

žEddytor's DozenÓ(a weekly list compiled by the Village Voice music editor)
ůChuck Eddy
Village Voice

ž÷they plowed through their set list, mercilessly chasing down songs into smothering concentric coils÷Ó
ůNick Pinkerton
Indie Wire

žAs we commence Bush II, the Notekillers have thrown their formidably passionate voices into the fray with a reworked version of Jefferson AirplaneŪs antiwar song žHouse at Pooneil Corners.Ó It is as furious as the times we live in.Ó
ůMike Wolf
Time Out NY

žFrom the warped atonal notes plucked at its beginning, to the impending doom struck with every cymbal crash, this track slays...Hearing this rendition makes me understand, in a way, what hearing rock music was like back when it was new and it terrified the fuck out of mass culture.Ó
ůMaria T
Her Jazz

žNotekillers played frenetic instrumental rock that started at the boiling point and heated up from there÷ (They)show up thousands of groups that gave '90s indie-rock its grinding, math-minded edge...Ó
ůAndy Battaglia
The Onion

ž÷pure riff pieces that repeat into brain-numbing bliss... A-
ůTom Hull
Recycled Goods

ž...(a) triple-shot cappuccino joyride, whose rush of sharply angular, jagged, terse guitar shards and lean, surging, snappish rhythm work is like unto a blessed union of late '70s arty Brit-punk (Mekons, Fire Engine) and the early Ventures. Ó
ůMark Keresman
Signal to Noise

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