"a scintillating blast of burly, twisting tunes."

Marc Masters - Pitchfork


"The mighty fury of this trio, founded in the '70s and re-formed in the '00s, is undimmed. Instrumentals delivered with hardcore force and surf-rock precision."

Dan DeLuca - Phila Inquirer


"We're Here to Help is a multi-layered and complex album made up of star-burst moments that fly every which way in bright spurts..."

Annamarya Scaccia - PhillyDeliMag


“(from SXSW 2010 review) Veteran Philadelphia - and Brooklyn- based band Notekillers is, in one sense of the word, sick. If youʼve ever tried to make music outside of the traditional tonal frameworks most of our ears are used to, without falling into the same tired tropes and frameworks, you know how hard it is to sustain that without devolving into noise. Like snow leopards, Notekillers achieves this on a full-on, nonstop level without succumbing to noise or facile negativity — and may have even invented the concept, or at least a healthy chunk of it. If it sounds familiar, thereʼs a good reason for that: Sonic Youth, and by extension half of the decent guitar bands of the past 20 years, channeled Notekillers while honing its early sound.”

Eliot Van Buskirk -


“That record (The Zipper) was so heavy for me and Kim and Lee…It was this propulsive guitar instrumental that was just breakneck…They had a big influence on me…The music is way ahead of its time."

Thurston Moore from an article by Dan DeLuca - Philadelphia Inquirer


“Astonishing...While the rhythm section churns furiously, David First peels off a series of scrambled guitar lines, precise even when he's improvising. His diagonal riffs are marvelously untraceable (Surf-rock? New-wave? Heavy metal? Free jazz? Serialism?), and somehow these dense compositions inevitably come out sounding like party music. It's clear this band ranked with any of New York's much celebrated no-wave acts.” 

Kelefa Sanneh - New York Times


“There are power trios, and then there are nuclear power trios, exploding with unimaginable force, unleashing heretofore unknown chaos, and randomly mutating everything in their triumphantly poisonous path. This is such a trio!”

Roctober Review


"This is music with balls and teeth and fire in its heart, and I guarantee it beats the shit out of whatever youʼre listening to right now."

Mass Movement